About us

From the very beginning the history of Széria-Trans Kft. has been similar to that of other locally owned Hungarian companies formed at around the time of change in the political system. The owners, all of whom are related, decided to be their own bosses and establish a company in an attempt to free themselves from the economic uncertainties so typical of the end of the 1980’s and the early 1990’s, and from the looming danger of unemployment.

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Gypsum – it means more than just calcium sulphate to us

Széria-Trans Kft. is a well known and recognized name in the Hungarian gypsum market,  primarily thanks to its own plaster products for skimming and smoothing, to its quality plasters of Paris and its special plasters developed for industrial uses. We have been serving our industrial and commercial partners for 30 years and continue to do so since they appreciate the reliability and flexibility of the service we offer, and last but not least, our economic independence. The demand for our products in Hungary is proof that our perseverance to foster the rise and growing importance of supplying quality gypsum products in the internal market was not in vain.


Pictures and sentences

A few pictures of our company in general and its history, including some pictures of our head office, the  Karcag FC football team and the Delta Speed Wheel SE rally team we support, as well as of a customer fair dating to 2006. Browse through them at your leisure if you wish to get a good idea of what our company is all about.

SERIES GYPSUM – only from a pure source…
Two kinds of raw materials may be used as a basis for gypsum-containing building materials. One alternative is the REA gypsum, a by-product of the absorption of sulphur dioxide from the flue gases of power plants, while the other is natural plaster-stone accessible through strip mining. Which one would you choose?
The raw materials of SERIES GYPSUM come from one of the highest quality natural deposits in Europe.

Contact Information


H-1116 Budapest, Adony u. 7.

Phone: +36-1-466-7758
Fax: +36-1-209-8180
E-mail:  info@szeria-trans.hu

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Data sheets and classifications

Safety information and technical data sheets are available in PDF format only. To read those files Acrobat Reader is available.

ProductSafety data sheetTechnical data sheetDeclaration of ConformityDeclaration of Performance
Wall and surface filler (Széria-Glett) 0-10 
Jointing filler Plus (Széria-Hézagoló Plusz) 
Contact Mortar (Mestervakolat) 5-30 
Contact Mortar (Széria-Vakolat) 6-40 

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